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Best Instagram Marketing Services

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With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms for your business’s marketing online and reach potential customers.

Having your brand’s presence on Instagram is an absolute necessity, and at Rajkar, we are in charge of offering a complete marketing service.

Our Instagram Promotion Services will not only make your account grow organically and increase engagement but will also expand your sales.

Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Among so many people, there are your potential customers, and we help you find them.

Instagram is a social media platform where you can upload and share photos, videos, and stories with your friends and followers and communicate with them.

Today most of the young generation are active on Instagram and post regularly on it; hence it becomes an important platform for businesses to target young people for their brand.

But, What does your Instagram Marketing Strategy focus on?

  • Attract your target audiences to your Instagram account and turn them into followers through engaging content that generates high engagement.
  • Monetize your audience (either by converting your product into sales or converting it into an influential brand that charges money for Instagram posts).
  • Turn your audience into ambassadors of your brand: that they recommend it without you asking them, that they talk about you, and that they promote its content.

Here are some of the strategies that we can implement for your profile

Niche Business

Enhance Brand Reach

We make your brand reach a larger audience whose interests intersect with what you offer.

Boost Engagement

We plan, cure, and generate content that will make your audience interact more with your brand.
Sales growth

Increase Followers

We make your number of followers increase organically (without advertisement).

Our Specialized Instagram Marketing Services include


Competition Analysis

We study your competitors so we can design strategies and tactics that will help you grow bigger.

Marketing Strategy

We are experts in creating effective Instagram marketing strategies to reach your target audience and increase your sales.

Influencing Niche Audience

Our team of experts designs creative images and texts for your Instagram posts. Influencing Niche Audience

Content Creation

After complete market research, we apply Instagram marketing strategies to make you reach and influence your potential followers.

Grow your Followers

We offer Instagram growth services for Startups, SMEs, and large companies.

Monitoring & Reporting

After our Monthly Instagram Marketing Services, we deliver you a full report on your Instagram account’s progress.

Why is Instagram Marketing Important?

Instagram’s importance lies in its great union with the audience, allowing content managers to create loyalty strategies, which are useful for generating communities around the brand.

Users strengthen brands through likes, shares, and comments.

Being a social network that focuses on visual content makes it possible for brands to display their products or services with high-quality pictures and videos.

Another advantage is that being a mobile application acts around a key concept: immediacy, allowing users to interact instantly and quickly.

Millions of people use Instagram every day. Your brand must be a part of this digital world where, if you are not generating a community loyal to your products, indeed your competition is.

What makes our Instagram marketing services unique?

Our services are oriented in two directions make each of our clients grow organically on Instagram through powerful and direct strategies.

Make your community feel at ease with the content they receive; that way, you will increase engagement and the possibility of increasing sales.

Our services are unique in India because we treat our clients with respect and prioritize.

We are open with our prices, listen to each client’s needs, work for your brand as if it were our own, and always look for the best for you.

Counting on us implies that you will have at your disposal a team of professionals in Instagram Marketing and Social Media Marketing that will seek to innovate with your brand and make your company leave a real mark.

Discover our breadth of services in Instagram Marketing and social media marketing plus the benefits you can get if you hire us today.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Instagram Marketing Services?
Instagram marketing services are marketing your products or services on the Instagram social media platform for connecting with your target audience.

It includes content creation, managing your Instagram account, creating a strategy and profile optimization to increase followers, and engage with your viewers.

Instagram is a trending, attractive social media platform, and big brands choose this platform to attract more customers to expand their business to a larger scale.

What are the benefits of Instagram Marketing Services?
Instagram is a platform that consists of only photos and videos. It is about your products’ visual appearance and services to your customers, which is very attractive and easy to remember.

You can also target your audience based on their age, gender, location, demographic, and interests like Facebook, making it easy for you to reach more potential customers.

Link your website in your profile to get traffic to your website whenever someone visits your company profile on Instagram and get more conversion rates.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, so the business needs to take advantage of using this platform as an opportunity to expand your business.

How much does Instagram Marketing Cost?
Our Instagram marketing packages’ cost ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 per month, and with a yearly plan, you can get a discount of up to 15%.

The cost may vary depending upon your requirements and budget, whereas we also offer customized packages based on your business’s demands and necessity.

Our Instagram marketing services include competitor analysis, marketing strategy, content creation, increased followers, and monthly reporting about your marketing campaign’s progress.

Our cost-effective packages provide you with the result you desire for your business with our experienced Instagram marketing experts’ help.

How does our Instagram Marketing Services work?
It starts with the competitor analysis and research about their business and their way of doing their business and its strategy.

Developing a marketing strategy that will work out depending on your business and then creating content.

Content that is relatable and attractive for the audience to grab their attention and give them information about your products and services through your Instagram posts.

Using #hashtags for reaching more customers will help improve the engagement on your profile and increase the followers, likes, and comments on your profile.

Managing your Instagram account and sending you monthly reports about your Instagram marketing campaign’s progress and what changes need to be done to make it better.

Is Instagram Marketing for Small Business Worth?
Instagram’s popularity is multiplying, and most of the users are between the age of 25 – 34 years, and the second-largest users are between the age of 18 – 24 years; hence it is mostly used by the young generation.

Small businesses can use this popular social media platform for marketing their products and services by attracting new customers and maintaining the existing ones.

Posting photos and videos using popular and relatable hashtags to increase the reach of your business and improve the engagement with your audience.

Your website link on your profile for getting traffic on your website or getting customers to your physical shop is one of the ways that could help with the business growth.

Client Testimonials

Pramod ram has managed the SEO for my company ClaimFlights till late 2014. The results speak for themself, we are on Google rank no 1 for a long time for many keywords. Pramod has achieved this due to consistent and hard work.

Dr.Mirko Ulbrich

CEO, Claim Flights

Good Service...Got the best and fast result in SEO. Keep it up @Rajkar Team

Pratik Jani

Partner, Moosh India

Very nice office and good Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Services.

Vishal Gohel

Delivered what was promised. I am a satisfied

Emil B.

Very fast, Thanks.


Founder, All Sapphires

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