Digital Marketing

Proven Results-Driven Online Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business

digital marketing service

Digital Marketing

Proven Results-Driven Online Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business

Rajkar Web Solutions

Digital Marketing Company, Mumbai, India

We are a Digital Marketing Company in India with years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers. We take care of devising attractive, cost-effective, and powerful solutions so that our customers can reach their ideal audience and increase sales in the best possible way. We develop advertising and commercial strategies aimed at all types of digital channels, with different and personalized tactics for each of the social networks and the different communities that your brand manages.

We are dynamic. This means that we not only provide advertising services and advice but we cover all the areas necessary to convert and strengthen your brand.

We generate identity and give you an unique style to differentiate yourself from the rest.We develop your online presence. We create the institutional website of your company. We strengthen the availability and communication with your potential clients through social networks.

We expand the reach of your sales channels and retain and capture new opportunities through organic email marketing. Finally, we produce videos and audio-visual content so that your company jumps to the next level.

The BestDigital Marketing Specialists

To choose Rajkar is to know that your brand will be in the hands of professional people and with years in the field.

What can we do for you?
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Our Best Qualities

Stay Open
24 x 7

Your business will be available every day of the year and 24 hours, so you don't lose sales.

Attract Internet Audience

To make your digital strategy work, we make your audience fall in love with your content over the internet.

Customer Satisfaction

Online reputation is everything. That's why we highlight the positivity of your business and create social proof.

Our Specialized Services

seo analysis

SEO Services

Strategies that enhance the positioning of a website in Google. It is achieved organically to improve visibility and increase sales.
local seo services

Social Media Advertising

Get the maximum return on your investment with an online advertising campaign tailored to your needs. Reach your future customers on the right channels.
startup seo

Pay-per-Click Services

It has an immediate impact that gives your brand a broad advantage and will help you get on the first page of the search results.
ppc agency


We help you to market and communicate with other companies, to publicize your products and services, attract more customers and, finally, sell more.
seo service

Startups SEO Services

We provide better architecture, better support. Media Temple’s Grid is better shared hosting.

technical support

Local SEO Services

We make your potential local customers find you optimizing your search engine optimization strategy.

Why choose us?

At Rajkar we believe that all companies, regardless of their size or niche, are able to reach their full potential online as long as they have professionals willing to push them forward. That’s where we come in. We are a Digital Marketing agency in India, but more than that, we are a team that is willing to take your brand as a priority and give everything to meet your company’s goals.

We are responsible, resourceful, innovative, hardworking, and above all, adaptable. We adapt to each client to offer dynamic and fresh strategies. That is why we have a broad portfolio, dozens of satisfied customers, and such a long history.

If you want your company to grow in the digital world, count on us.

Benefits of our Digital Marketing Services

Innovative marketing strategies:

Our Digital Marketing professionals will be committed to the objectives of your brand and after making a complete diagnosis, they will offer you different personalized strategies so you can expand and enhance your online presence.

Innovative, unique and dynamic advertising:

We are a team with creativity to overflow, therefore, all the strategies we propose will include fresh tactics capable of capturing the attention of your audience. Ads will be perfectly segmented so that your investment becomes tangible.

Real audience in all parts of the world:

At Rajkar we will make your brand reach people from all over the world who are really interested in knowing what you have to offer and therefore, are more likely to buy your products or services.

Performance analysis:

We believe that in order to move forward we have to review what has happened before, and with Digital Marketing, this is vital. We take care of the performance analysis of your online brand to see what strategies have worked and how to improve them so that your company continues to succeed.

Social proof and customer satisfaction:

Part of a good brand building is the referral system and the social proof that a product exists and is good. That is why we attach great importance to what the community thinks in each of the strategies we implement.

Lead Increasement:

Our team with its managing tactics will help and guide the performance of your online brand. We optimize and ensure the full improvement of your performance which benefits you with gaining more leads.

Digital Marketing Services for
Startups, SMEs and Companies

We are a Digital Marketing Agency in India that has a team of professionals capable of making your company expand its online presence.


Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, is used to attract, engage and convert customers online. It helps companies to build brand awareness or promote the businesses using all available digital channels. Some of the services digital marketing includes are listed below:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Public Relation Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
The cost of Digital Marketing Services mostly depends on the number of services as well as the services packages plan you choose for your business. There are so many factors to consider while selecting the cost of digital marketing services. The actual amount can vary widely, but the marketing services can run anywhere from ₹25,000 to over ₹2,00,000 per month or even more.
For a business to succeed in today’s world, it is important to have a strong digital impression on the internet. Therefore Digital Marketing Services are best for your business to achieve loyal customers. Most of the companies require PPC services, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design and Development as their core services.
Choosing the best Digital Marketing Agency is a crucial task for any business. The first thing that you should do is make a list of agencies that fit your budget and provide the services you need. You can also speak with different agencies to see how much they understand your business and how they are going to help you to achieve your business goals.

While selecting a digital marketing agency you can check their past performance, clients’ reviews, customer service, staff experience, and see how they market themselves. Also, make sure you feel comfortable working with them because digital marketing is a long term process.

Digital Marketing Agency can help your business to increase its reach on a global scale and create brand awareness in the market. They help to get your product or services in front of potential customers when they search for it.

Choosing the best digital marketing company for your business may take some time but once you meet the perfect agency it will be worth your business.

SEO Results

Client Testimonials

Pramod Ram has managed the SEO for my company ClaimFlights till late 2014. The results speak for themself, we are on Google rank no 1 since long time for many Keywords. Pramod has achieved this due to consistent and hard work.

Dr. Mirko Ulbrich
CEO, Claim Flights

Good service... Got best and fast result in SEO. Keep it up @Rajkar Team.

Pratik Jani
Partner, Moosh India

Very nice office and good Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Services.

Vishal Gohel

Delivered what was promised. I am a satisfied customer.

Emil B.

Very fast, Thanks.

Founder, All Sapphires

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