OnPage SEO Services

In today’s world, the only way your company exists is that your potential customers can find your business over the internet.

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OnPage SEO Services

Engage your Audiences with our Onpage SEO Services. Google honors Websites with optimized Content, and this is what we do the Best.

On-Page SEO Services

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is a process to optimizes individual web pages to improve their ranking over the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). On-Page SEO is mostly about the improvisation in over-the-page and on-site elements.

On-Page SEO Services concentrates on optimizing the HTML tags, Content, and Code to attract more relevant traffic to the Website.

The parameters related to On-Page SEO changes over the years. Hence, it’s important to be updated with the latest ones in the market.

With control over the influential factors of On-Page SEO, you can improve your website’s performance. We at Rajkar help you beat your competition with our SEO Services and rank higher than your competitors.

What does On-Page SEO include?

On-Page SEO has base elements that influence search engines to improve your website ranking. The influential factors are:

Optimization of Content impacts both website ranking as well as consumer interaction. Keyword research, relevancy, and high-quality content is the need of good On-Page SEO content.
Header tags in HTML (H1 – H6) identify the heading and subheadings of the website content. They have an indirect impact on the website ranking through rich keyword context on search engines.
Meta Description is the meta tag that allows search engines with in-depth information on your website. These influence your search description and target relevant users on SERPs, thereby improving your CTR (Click-through-Rate).
The Title Tag is the header or Title of the individual webpages that is featured on the SERPs. The title tag has an impact on the organic ranking and impacts SEO results.
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Why hire us to optimize your Website?

High ROI

Our On-Page SEO services come with a higher return on the investment deal. We consider your goals and milestones and make plans with execution strategies to achieve them.

Increased Visibility

The conversion of visitors and sales comes through your visibility. The SEO services provided through us focus on a single target and help build maximum visibility for your website.


We believe transparency is the key to the trust of a consumer. The reports and analysis are thoroughly reviewed and sent for your reference. Every few weeks, new plans and goals are set to promote your business organically.

Why do you need On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO constitutes all your technicalities and content on the individual web pages. On-Page SEO optimization has various benefits when incorporated into your website. These are as follows :
    • Improves your Websites’ Online Visibility.
    • SEO content for the algorithm to slip in and index web pages.
    • Attracts 50-90% of relevant traffic to your website.
    • Modern, efficient, and cost-effective method.
    • Impacts your core and gives the best results.
    • SEO transformation allows your website to adjust to the ever-changing algorithm.

    A good On-Page SEO demands knowledge of algorithms, long-lasting investment, and viable strategies. We help you to incorporate such changes and fulfill your SEO demands by optimizing this as the core.

On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO?

When you consider On-Page SEO, you will have a counter Off-Page SEO. Though it has many differences, the major ones to consider are as follows.

On-Page SEO has influential factors that impact search rankings directly. The factors are technical SEO, programming tags, and URLs. It focuses on enhancing the experience of website visitors with the smooth switching between web pages.

The added advantage is that you can control the influential factors and can be changed with evolving demands.

Off-Page SEO involves the factors that you can’t control. These include backlinks that are incorporated into your website via other website authorities. Social media interaction is also an Off-Page SEO factor. Though you can guide your audience with a context, you cannot control the same portrayal and spread.

SEO Results

Client Testimonials

Pramod Ram has managed the SEO for my company ClaimFlights till late 2014. The results speak for themself, we are on Google rank no 1 since long time for many Keywords. Pramod has achieved this due to consistent and hard work.
Dr. Mirko Ulbrich
CEO, Claim Flights
Good service... Got best and fast result in SEO. Keep it up @Rajkar Team.
Pratik Jani
Partner, Moosh India
Very nice office and good Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Services.
Vishal Gohel
Delivered what was promised. I am a satisfied customer.
Emil B.
Very fast, Thanks.
Founder, All Sapphires

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