SEO Consulting Services

In today’s world, the only way your company exists is that your potential customers can find your business over the internet.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting Services

In today’s world, the only way your company exists is that your potential customers can find your business over the internet.

BestSEO Consulting Services

RajKar Web, A Mumbai based SEO Agency in India

Find out what SEO consultant service is and what are the main benefits of using it to adjust your marketing strategies.

If you have a website, you may know that using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a necessity in order to be at the top rankings of the search engine pages.

However, the interests of the people and the algorithms of the search engines can change from time to time and if you don’t keep updated which are the main keywords searches that generate more traffic you may get left behind.

Many companies perform constant SEO audits to understand what the interests of the market are, how their web page should adapt to these changes if necessary and analyze future trends and how to address them to get the most out of them. 

These are some things that we can help you with

Achieve Top

We find what the main interests of the audience are, so you can place yourself among the first searched for certain keywords and trends of the audience.

Get More

We’ll provide you with good meta descriptions and keywords with high search volumes, so the traffic on your site can increase considerably.


We’ll increase the conversion rate of your customers through SEO. Adjusting to your audience’s taste and adapting your website can help you generate more sales and website traffic.

Our Specialized Services include

SEO Consulting Services

On-Page Analysis

We can perform specialized SEO and increase the traffic that is generated through it. Each topic has a series of main keywords that must be included within the page for search engines to find this page as a valuable page.
SEO Consulting Services

Technical SEO Audit

Some topics can be very particular, and each niche of people can use very specific and very technical words to find answers to their questions online. The technical SEO can help you rank higher if your page has particular keywords from a particular group of people.
SEO Consulting Services

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks will determine how Google rates your site. We perform a fundamental backlink audit to understand what the main reference URLs are. With this, we can understand where your visits come from. There are backlinks that can be good but, in many cases, there are harmful links that can harm the page status and it is necessary to remove these links.
SEO Consulting Services


We’ll help you control the traffic you want users to have on your website. Establishing which are the main connections between each of the pages and getting everyone to have words in common is a very delicate task, especially if you have many pages on your website and with different topics.
SEO Consulting Services

Local SEO

Most searches made on Google are always local searches. Understanding how you are positioned locally in your work area is also a priority to help grow your business and should be part of your marketing strategy if you want to position yourself as one of the local references in your area
SEO Consulting Services

Website Revamp Consultation

Changing the style of your page may sound like a good idea to slightly modernize the look of your entire website. However, modifying your website can have serious consequences for your SEO if you don’t make the transition correctly. There are ways to modernize your site without affecting your search engine indexation and improve your appearance on the web.

Why should you opt for RajKar’s SEO Consulting Services?

Working with Rajkar is working with a team of experienced people, with tools and specialized equipment to provide you with the best SEO in the market. We commit ourselves to meet the goals of our clients and see their victories as ours. All this with the intention of generating a change in sales visits to your website and in the way your users experience your site.

In our team, we understand the value of customer service, during the entire work process you can count on our advice and you can consult any concerns. We take care that your satisfaction with our service is the best payment you can give us.

SEO Results

Client Testimonials

Pramod Ram has managed the SEO for my company ClaimFlights till late 2014. The results speak for themself, we are on Google rank no 1 since long time for many Keywords. Pramod has achieved this due to consistent and hard work.

Dr. Mirko Ulbrich
CEO, Claim Flights

Good service... Got best and fast result in SEO. Keep it up @Rajkar Team.

Pratik Jani
Partner, Moosh India

Very nice office and good Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Services.

Vishal Gohel

Delivered what was promised. I am a satisfied customer.

Emil B.

Very fast, Thanks.

Founder, All Sapphires

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