How SEO Can Leverage Your Small Business Growth

How SEO Can Leverage Your Small Business Growth

Written byDipesh Patel
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How SEO Can Leverage Your Small Business Growth

Search Engines have become an integral part of our life. We use it every day to search for some information or to find solutions to our problems.

The world is getting digitized, and most people have devices that they use to connect with others or find products or services.

To take your business on a higher level and expand your business, it is better to take advantage of this digitalized era where people use search engines for almost everything.

You need to put your business on the Internet to attract more customers to your business and get more exposure online.

Growing your business in this digital world is essential, and for that, you need to have a website, and the best strategy for attracting a potential audience to your website is through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of ranking your website on the search engine result pages for the keywords or phrases that you want your website to appear on the top and attract potential customers from that specific target keywords.

The purpose of SEO is to market your business on the internet & increases the reach, attracting a target audience for your products and services.

The best way for a small business to increase its sales and awareness is through Local SEO.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is the same as increasing your website’s ranking on the SERPs and ranking your website for your local search result page.

It is the best way of improving the sales of small businesses with a physical shop. Local SEO Services increases your website’s visibility for the local search result, and you can attract customers from your local area.

How Can SEO Benefit Your Small Business Growth?

Traffic: SEO improves the ranking of your website on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which are the most popular search engines amongst others, especially Google.

When your website appears on the first page at the top of the search engine, you get the most traffic on your website, and more users will visit your website as an average CTR of No. 1 ranking position on Google is 31.7%.

Potential Customers: Your website is the face of your business, and when your website ranks on the SE’s for the targeted keywords, you attract new customers who are searching for the products or services you offer.

You then get potential customers on your website who need the products or services of your company who may be looking for you online earlier but could not find you because of your absence in the Digital World.

SEO gives your business the exposure that your business needs for growth.

Brand Awareness: Users, when searching for any queries or keywords on the search engines, see your website ranking frequently. They will become more aware of your brand. It will build trust in the users for your website.

It will increase your brand’s recognition online, and when people see your website, they will often click on your website and have faith in your brand.

When your brand awareness increases, your brand’s trust, and credibility also increase, and there is a high chance that people would click on your website next time for buying something.

Cost-effective: Marketing is very costly as well as necessary in this time when the competition is at its peak, but it is easy for big companies to invest in marketing and lead in the competition but for small businesses to do marketing such as PPC (Pay Per Click) can be very costly.

Marketing your brand is essential for you to reach new customers to your business and expand your business, and this can be done through SEO.

SEO takes time to show results, and you will also need to invest in it first, but once you start to get results and traffic on your website, you gain profit for your business and give you a long-lasting result that can help in the growth of your company.

Conversion Rate: SEO improves user experience on your website when your website loads faster and is easy to navigate, mobile-friendliness as most of the people now use mobile to surf through the search engines.

When you give your users a useful and convenient experience on your website, and when users are satisfied with their experience, they will proceed ahead and buy something or complete your goal and give you a conversion.

How to Improve SEO Ranking?

Keyword Research: Keywords are the words you want your website to rank for on SERPs when people search for something on the search engines.

You have to optimize your content using your specific targeted keywords that you think are suitable for your website niche and can help rank but use it wisely and accordingly so that you do not add too many keywords unnecessarily.

Keyword stuffing can be harmful to your website ranking and is considered a black hat SEO technique, so it is better to optimize your website for specific keywords where it is required.

Content: Users use the search engine to find solutions, information, or for buying something online, and the websites that appear at the top are the ones that provide them with the content that satisfies user intent.

Posting frequently and high-quality content that provides users with information that they are not aware of will improve your website’s engagement and increase the ranking.

Blogging consistently is the best way of improving the SEO ranking of your website on search engines.

Mobile Friendliness: Most people today use cell phones to connect with other people and surf the internet.

It means that most people prefer mobile for buying something online or for researching the products to buy online through cell phones.

Your website’s responsiveness has become an essential part of SEO for ranking your website higher on the SERPs.

Backlinks: When other websites give a link to your Website, it is known as a backlink.

Backlinks are great for ranking your Website higher in Search Engines Pages Results (SERP).

When the websites with high domain authority link to your website, it makes a good impact on your website’s ranking as Google considers your website to be relevant and trustworthy.

Page Speed: Speed of the website page is one of the most important SEO factors in ranking your website.

There are many websites today that provide information that you offer or even better than you. As the competition is rising and in such situations, if your website pages take even a second more to load, users will get back to the SERPs.

It will increase your website’s bounce rate, which will hurt your ranking and less the average time on page.


SEO is one of the best and cost-effective marketing strategies in today’s time and the most suitable solution for small businesses to reach their customers and grow their business.

It improves your website’s ranking on search engines and drives traffic on your website, bringing conversion for the business.

You attract potential customers to your physical shop from your local area by ranking your website on a local search result page who are not even aware of your business. In brief, SEO helps with the growth of small businesses within your budget.

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